Beaded Choker MidnightSun


Beaded choker with Beautiful orange coral enhanced with deep yellows and subtle hues. The blue midnight beads in front create it's mystique. Well made yellow tassel in front creating a feel of freedom. Toggle clasp.
I created this piece to bring peace and healing to the Sacral Chakra where our creative sexual energy flows and brings what we have to offer to relationships. While open and flowing, the trauma from past pains and traumas can be healed,. Enabling us to bring our best to future relationships. Deep and subdued yellows are present to light up our Solar Plexus chakra and bring forth our powerful, inner Light to shine forth onto others. Two gold, metal beads enhance this power and assure we will stand bright in a room. Dazzling, blues add just a hint of the mystique that twinkles out from all of us.

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